Friday, April 7, 2017


Thyne-- A port city located on a between the major regions of the Trineveld and Kandrovia. Famous for
its apples, cider, and apple brandy. Major stop off point when traveling east to west.
Ruled by Eustance, duke of the province, and king of the country.

Thyne (country)-- A country made up of three provinces:
A) Thyne, to the southwest, ruled by Duke Eustance, King of Thyne.
B) Contrilar, to the north, ruled by Duke Junath II.
C) Milbar, to the southeast, ruled by Duke James Penrest.

Rethel-- Country to the west of Thyne. Ruled by a usurper king. He has legitimized pirate raiders, who are now privateers harrying Thynian trade.
He also appears to be in some kind of secret agreement with the goblins of Halthus Wood.

Panteau-- Large, powerful country to the north. The center of technological advancement.

New Temia-- Capital of Kandrovia. The center of magic.

Dentev-- Important city in the eastern Trineveld. Home to the Knights of the Triskelion. Secretly supporting Contrilar in its coup against Eustance.

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