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As the curve of the coastal road winds over the top of a rocky hill, you look down on the welcome
sight of a seaside village sitting at the mouth of a sparkling river. The town is called Finden, and from the little you know, it is both a market center for the various surrounding farms, as well as a functional port used to ship produce throughout the region. You travel the roughly three miles from that vantage point down a rocky, sloping hill into the river valley and make your way towards the town. As you get closer, you can see that there is a centralized area of closely-built brick buildings with tiled roofs centered around what looks to be an island in the center of the river. Tall arching bridges go from the mainland across to this district, like to allow for the passage upriver of the flat barges that can be made out pulling into docks, laden with produce and grain. Along both banks of the river, there are smaller buildings, which you judge to be houses, that are made of both brick and wood, with either tiled or thatched roofs. Roads extend to both the north and west, and from your vantage point, you can just make out what looks like another walled settlement of some kind in the distance.

Arrival at Finden:

As you approach the town, you pass villagers and farmers going about their business. You are greeted with what seems like cautious suspicion from most, but several of the villagers also greet you with a friendly 'hello.' Most of the people are human, but you also see a number of halflings. 

As you approach the city gates, there are two half-orcs leaning lazily on their spearhandles. When you get close enough for them to notice you, they stand up straighter and say in  a gruff voice: "Travelers eh? You'll have to register your weapons with Krag. And where are you coming from anyway? The moors? Nothing out there but fog, wet, and trouble." 
He looks you up and down one more time and says "Well, on with you then, Fram here will lead you to the guardhouse." The other half-orc, for all appearances, a mute, turns and leads you into town, where after a short, five-minute walk, you are taken to a squat building with a wooden porch on the outside. You are greeted by a greasy human going by the name 'Trant,' who informs you that Krag is out patrolling, so he will register your names and weapons. 

You have found that: 
  • The mayor's name is Timsil. The townspeople seem to respect him and think he is an affable and trustworthy fellow. 
  • The captain of the guard is an ex-pirate and was appointed to lead the troop of mercenaries that was sent to guard the town. 
  • The king of Rethel has placed this mercenary garrison in the town. There seems to be a strong overlying sense among the townsfolk that this is unwelcome. 
  • Delpon, a member of the Knights of the Triskelion, has been in town for nearly two years and makes sure the people go unmolested by the mercenaries in the town, as well as the 'undesirables' who have been more frequently been arriving by sea. 
  • There is not much in the way of commerce in the city, aside from foodstuffs, though there is a general goods shops with limited wares, as well as a blacksmith's. 
  • There are three taverns and two saloons that operate as brothels and casinos. 

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