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Rei: God of the sun / Pelor

Sela: God of the north star / (Undecided analogue)

Yogg: God of the first planet / Son of Rei and Sela / Prophet of Nyzathoth

Q’at: Second Planet / Son of Rei and Sela / St. Cuthbert
          Killed by Yogg.

Tertia: Third Planet, "Sensun" / Son of Rei and Sela  / Gaia

Risha: Son of Tertia and Q'at / Bahamut

Rinan: Daughter of Tertia / Mannanen

Parsha: Goddess of fertility and abundance / Avatar of Tertia / Ceres

Stythyg: God of Strength and War / Son of Risha and Rinan / Ymir

Faldred: God of Righteous Justice / Trithereon

Tzu QI: Two-faced God of the moon / Son of Rei and Tertia / Boccob and Vecna

Gafadriel (Find better name): Son of Q'at and Sela. / God of Light and War. God of Elves.

Nyzathoth: God of the Deeps. / C'thulhu

The Secret Histories of the Gods


Nyzathoth: (Neutral Evil
The great dark Unknown Being in the deeps of the universe. His presence feels increasingly malign. 
He hovers at the edges of Sensun's reality, secretly manipulating those within to bring about his great entry into our plane, where he will consume all into himself. 


Rei: (Neutral Good):

He is called the king of the sun, lord of all the other gods. He is a god unto himself, with the force of a star. His war is against the other stars on a far more cosmological level. He barely bothers with the tiny internal struggles of the planet-gods. This is why he is aloof, but it is also why it is so easy for him to have the most popular religion. He doesn’t care what the people do, so they can do whatever they want.
He is a good god though, so this is why the religion has taken hold.
His queen is the north star, the brightest star in the sky. Folklore tells of how they long to be reunited. It tells of how they stood back to back against a host of enemies and fought them off. They were separated, having to hold two separate fronts. Only when the fighting ends can they be reunited. The people of Sensun believe that it is for their sakes that Rei stays to protect their world

Sela (Lawful Good) (the north star):
She is the mate of Rei. She is only worshipped by a small number of peoples. They are known as the Cult of Sela. They are the prophets and the oracles. They are extremely rare, but they are in close connection to the high priests of Rei, and only interact with them.
Sela is the spirit of the north star. She is too far away to truly have any influence in the doings of the people of Sensun, She knows that Rei is too proud for his own good, and instead of watching around him, he battles on. She then sees she has to take it on herself to inform the people of Sensun how Yogg, and thus the greater enemies, are sneaking up behind him. Because she is so far away, her message can only be delivered in riddles.

It is only when Rei’s light is not shining when Sela can get her messages through. This makes it easy for Tzu Qi to intercept these messages.


The Gods of Sensun, the third planet. 

Tertia: (Chaotic Good)

Tertia is the daughter of Rei and Sela. She is the great Mother, the great Martyr. Forgotten to history and no longer extant in spiritual form, she is worshipped by Druids, some rangers, and some monks. She, and her guardians, the druids, hold the secret to godstone. They protect the world against the darker, older enemies, and care more about the health of the planet and the watching of signs for the coming Evil.

Risha: (Lawful Good)

Risha is known as the dragon king. He was one of two children of Tertia. She birthed him and Rinan to protect both the seas and the skies, while she herself lived with her grandchildren, the dragonborn, on the lands. Risha patrolled not only the skies, but also an interstellar perimeter around Sensun. 

Upon the disappearance of Tertia,, Risha went mad. Most of the time he is reverted to a beast, and roams space. Other times, he returns to his volcano in the sea that gave him birth. Only on very rare occasions is he coherent enough to speak with his clerics. They can still make use of his power.
Much of his conscious mind is focused in a battle of wills with Yogg, who strains at his prison. Tertia has physically bound him with her body, but his will still struggles. Rinan and Risha exert their own wills to oppose him.
Risha and Rinan together created the dragonborn through natural mating. They gave birth to six babies, who became the forebears of all dragonborn. They then separated forever. Legends prophesy the rejoining of the two to defeat the Great Enemy. Their rejoining will give birth to a great hero. This is the prophesied one of the Order of the Yin-yang.

Rinan: (Chaotic Neutral)

It is known that Rinan is the goddess of the seas and storms. She is a titanic sea dragon who endlessly plies the deeps of the world.

Long ago, when the world was new, before Rinan had lost her mind, she would temper the winds and rains to maintain the equilibrium between the seas and the sky. Her comings and goings across the great oceans was her means of balancing the waves, and tides, and currents. She helped maintain the tradewinds sent by Rinan. She would also guide the sailors ships clear of any storm, to always safely sail to shore.

But then came the Time of Madness. Both Rinan and Risha seemed to lose their minds. Risha disappeared from the skies for long periods of time, but Rinan remained, and her moods were more fickle than the squalls in the spring.

For sailors, braving the seas was a gamble with death. Rinan’s comings were as unpredictable as her moods, and more often than not, ships were lost at sea with not another word from them.

It is said that only those able to hear the song of the sea and sing it back to her are the ones she spares and watches over (it is said that this is why the Vanir always sing while they are sailing).

The sages say that someday, Rinan will return to join her mate where sky meets sea, and in their joining, the Hero will be born.

Parsha: (Neutral Good) 

Parsha is both the great Mother and Great Lover, goddess of love, fertility, and abundance. Originally an avatar of Tertia, Rinan and Risha imbued her with their own power to deify her because their own mother, the goddess Tertia, became increasingly absent from the world. 

Parsha gave birth to the first humans after she mated with Risha. She is their patron and provider. 

Stythyg: (Chaotic Neutral

Stythyg was created by Risha and Rinan to be the guardian of the lands after Tertia retreated. He is the god of strength and war. 
Upon first seeing Parsha, he became enamored of her, and in his lust took her. To his eternal shame, this union produced no offspring. Jealous of the humans, the children of Parsha and Risha, Stythyg cursed his 'father,' the sky dragon and declared him an enemy. He retreated to the far north, and there, crafted from stone, a people of his own, the giants. After a time, these children of Stythyg interbred with the surrounding humans and became the great Vanir race. 
He makes his home in the great mountains, where he watches the skies for the chance destroy his father. He allies himself to his mother, Rinan, believing she is the only one to care for him in the cold of existence. 
Valuing strength over all else, he urges his people, the Vanir, to conquer the land, the seas, and someday, the skies. 

Faldred (Lawful Good) 

Once, he was the greatest warrior of all humans. As Parsha's guardian, she granted him power, making him the first paladin. He led the forces of the humans against the tides of orcs and brought vengeance for the massacres they wrought. Eventually, Parsha yielded enough power that he gained divinity himself.  

Known as St. Faldred, he is the god of Righteous Justice.  He is allied to Parsha, and honors Rei, but often finds himself at odds with all the other gods, as he views their sense of duty as lacking. Both Ymir and Udan personally hate him as he foiled their attempts at taking Parsha for themselves.

Tzu Qi (the moon) Gods:

He has two faces. His power is much much weaker than the other gods, which is why he is stuck watching their maneuvering, himself, only moving forward through study. Known as the ‘Old man of the Moon’ in folklore, his tales tell the stories of how he always has a blind spot behind him, because both sides of him want to do different things meaning he never gets anywhere. This relates to the gods Qi and Tzu, who both have their own means to achieving power. But because they pull in opposite directions, Tzu Qi’s power is never able to assert its force within the battle for the solar system.

Qi (Neutral) 

God of the light side. He watches the workings of the other and learns of how they accomplish their magic. He then keeps these secrets, revealing them to his clerics. Those clerics are then the ones who explain those powers in academic writings. This is how magic has been transferred to a thing of study.
The original clerics can use the power through Boccob, but he also grants them the understanding of how he is metaphysically doing it. This is how the knowledge can then be transferred.
He is known as the watcher because he sees the doings of the universe and learns their secrets.

Tzu (Neutral Evil):

Because Boccob is forever facing Tertia, he can never see behind him. This is where Vecna comes in. He is the god of dark secrets. He sees what happens in the dark spaces, when it is devoid of the powers of the other planets. This allows him to see older, darker doings from farther out in the universe. These dark powers grant secrets that cannot be known to Boccob. Therefore, Vecna’s magic is given only to the dark priests. These spells and texts are often cursed, and the only way to gain their knowledge is to sacrifice part of yourself. These spells will be dark secrets, not known by any in the world. Followers of Boccob who dare to read one of these will soon find they are now susceptible to the influence of Vecna.

The Gods of the Second Planet, Q'at. 


The son of Rei and Sela, he was slain in a battle with his brother, Yogg. 

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