The Trineveld

The Trineveld is a large peninsula in the west of Vaehrya. For centuries it had been made up of small, warring city-states until the entire area was subsumed one by one into the Temian Empire between 3-400 years before the Cataclysm.
While part of the empire, each former city state became the seat of its own province, and a general peace was upheld for about 250 years, despite periodic uprisings and border disputes.
Since the Cataclysm, these provinces have declared themselves independent monarchies and tensions have resumed.

Main countries / City-states: 

  • Shadenthel city Pop: 25,000
  • Lanstoret city: 8,500
  • Mostly humans with some halflings.
  • Maritime culture. 
  • Mainly seafood diet. 
  • Famous local grog. Very strong. 
  • Export salt. 
  • Abandoned high elf city in the north. 
  • Raise pearls. 
  • Significant navy--heavily taxes ships that stopover. 
  • Lots of pirates. 
  • Honor Mannanen. 

  • Menstad city population: 9,000
  • The northwest peninsula in the Trineveld. 
  • High cliffs and mountains drop down to flat plains below. 
  • Strong winds. 
  • Lots of windmills.  
  • The people here use gliders to fly. 
  • Very rural area. 
  • Have a leader called the 'lord' and and elders' council. 
  • Honor Bahamut and Ceres.

Ter / Vin
  • Ter population: 20,000
  • Vin population: 21,000 
  • Mostly human. 
  • Worship Ceres and Olidammara. 
  • Historically rivals. 
  • Currently in trade alliance. 
  • Strong black market in Ter. 
  • Both are festival cities. Rival each other.
  • Women often go topless.
  • Lots of rogues and bards.


  • Haelden population52,000
  • Keltaw population: 18,000
  • Strong navy
  • Often wars with neighbors. 
  • At war with Shadenthel. 
  • Cold war with Taneth. 
  • Very militant. 
  • Lots of coal and iron. 
  • Produces excellent steel. 
  • High quality weapons. (Masterwork+1)
  • Belligerent king.  
  • Allied dwarf community in the mountains. 
  • Secretly training battle mages. 
  • Recruiting sorcerers.
  • Employ spies to steal tech and intel. 
  • Have possible connections to the underdark. 
  • Worships Pelor, Mannanen, and Trithereon.

  • Taneth population: 65,000
  • Pren population: 20,000
  • Lanset population: 28,000
  • Strong ally of Panteau. 
  • Mostly human. Some halflings.
  • Puppet state. 
  • Point of transport across the Gallentel Bridge. 
  • Richest and most advanced country in the Trineveld. 
  • Maintain a significant navy around the bridge. 
  • Control taxes going through the bay. 
  • Arquebuses are common in the military. 
  • Vheepra is officially endorsed. 
  • Magic is outlawed. 
  • Ceres and Pelor still popular among the populace. 
  • People are known to be honest and hard-working. 
  • Tanethian products are renowned for their high quality. 
  • People are obsessed with godstone and new tech. 
  • There is a fair amount of tech in the cities. (Panteau keeps it well guarded).
  • Military not all that strong. 
  • Abandoned high elf dwellings. 
  • Still a few high elves here and there.

  • Talenvel population: 18,000
  • Independent but forcefully allied to Haelden. 
  • Haelden has troops garrisoned throughout province. 
  • Highly rural and pastoral.

  • Nensal population: 28,000
  • Was once an important port. 
  • Has been vastly depleted. 
  • Trade unfairly taxed by Tanteth. 
  • Lots of rogues and thieves. 
  • Lots of spies. 
  • Pirates. 
  • Dangerous city. 
  • Smuggling is big. 
  • Large black market. 
  • Secret alliance with Haelden. 
  • Large areas are abandoned.

  • Dentev population: 43,000
  • One of the oldest countries. 
  • Home to the Knights of the Triskelion.
  • Used to be important stopping point on Great Western Road.
  • Former seat of the Duke of the Trineveld. 
  • Population drastically decreased since cataclysm.
  • Now very isolated. 
  • Has been raided from the borderlands. 
  • Governed by the church of Tritheron.
  • Theocracy: very pious.
  • One central city. 
  • Small villages along the road. 
  • Many farms. 
  • Fairly settled.
  • Some areas raided and burned. 
  • High priest is the ruler. 
  • Ceres honored as well. 

  • Faysl population: 12,000
  • Seen as a backwater. 
  • Very wild area. 
  • Areas around cities are patrolled. 
  • Rivals with Rethel.
  • Allied to Hase.

  • Rethel population: 31,000
  • Humans.
  • Wood elves to the north.
  • A bit of a backwater.  
  • Potatoes. 
  • Vodka.
  • Rival with Faysl.
  • Ruled by a usurper king.
  • Tentative ally to Panteau.
  • Fas population: 25,000
  • Lots of warlocks. 
  • Ruled by warlock. 
  • Vecna worship common. 
  • Alliance with blood slavers. 
  • Slave trade common. 
  • Panteau secretly ships criminals and undesireables. 
  • Assassins 
  • Poisons. 
  • Much of the original population decimated. 
  • Now a very dark city. 
  • Drow not uncommon.

Granl population: 14,000

Yewn population: 28,000

A small country made up mostly of farmers.

Thyne population: 42,000
Important port city.
Grows apples, makes cider.

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