Thyne (Country)

A country made up of three provinces:

  • A) Thyne, to the southwest, ruled by Duke Eustance, King of Thyne.
  • B) Contrilar, to the north, ruled by Duke Junath II.
  • C) Milbar, to the southeast, ruled by Duke James Penrest.

Thyne (City)

  • A port city located on a between the major regions of the Trineveld and Kandrovia. 
  • Famous  for its apples, cider, and apple brandy. 
  • Major stop off point when traveling east to west.
  • Ruled by Eustance, duke of the province, and king of the country.

Rethel (Country) 

  • Country to the west of Thyne. 
  • Ruled by a usurper king. 
  • He has legitimized pirate raiders, who are now privateers harrying Thynian trade.
  • He also appears to be in some kind of secret agreement with the goblins of Halthus Wood.

Finden (City)

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