Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 6th--Battle at the tor

So last we had left our adventurers they had defeated some goblins and hobgoblins at the Watson's Farm. After gathering what remained of the armor and weapons, our valiant crew made camp for the night. The first half of the night watch was held down by Bill, Desmond and Morgan with Rickroll, Bella and Vero taking the second shift of the night. Nothing to eventful to report, just some clouds rolling in and no real action took place. The following morning, we find Bill, Desmond and Morgan awake around the campfire beginning their day. They all noticed how the other three were just sleeping in and at first gave no heed as Rickroll, again, was passing the mead around unselfishly.

Not to much later, Bill notices that there are tracks around us and that the 3 goblins we had as prisoners had all had their throats slit by a jagged knife.... Upon further examination they noticed some tracks headed off to the north. It was Morgan i believe that noticed something in the woods watching us! We called out to "it" and a drably dressed woman with a walking staff came up to us. She introduced herself as "Sheldonia" and said that she had watched some goblins sneak up and slit these other goblins throats. She also pointed out to us that we had made camp inside a faerie ring of mushrooms (contributing to the sleepiness of the latter 3 heroes) After a brief conversation, the 3 heroes that were awake decided to follow this character to the north to figure out what had happened.

The uneasiness of these four was apparent as they approached a clearing in which they saw a scraggly lil goblin watching over a meager fire next to a tent. The goblin fell over suddenly as Desmond got close to him and we subdued him. After he awoke, we debated on what to do. It was decided that we would follow this creature "Gobby" to a clearing that he claimed all the other goblins came from. He made a deal with Bill that he would be allowed to go free after showing the adventurers this place called "Tor" Gobby spit on his hand and held it out for Bill to shake on. Bill looked at it and with some disgust shook on it.

Once the creature had took them to this valley that was looking westward toward this very tall outcropping of rocks, he left them. Desmond followed for a bit but lost his scent, somehow...

I think the initial goal of this part was to do some recon of this rock tower, so we ventured out to check it out. Desmond and Morgan went to the northern part as Sheldonia went to the southern part. Strangely, Bill chose to keep an eye from the woods overlooking the valley. Sheldonia was the first to come across the goblins and their sorcerer boss at the top of the hill. Morgan and Desmond commenced to fight from the north as the out of place Bill tried desperately to catch up to his compatriots. Our heroes were outnumbered and wisdom says they should've retreated if not for the fact that the leader of the goblins tripped on his face and rendered himself useless for most of the battle. It also helped that we realized our ally, Sheldonia, was a druid and her changing shape into a bear in the midst of the fight was probably the tide turner. The Gods were watching over our band of heroes and they took them down and celebrated an improbable victory

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