Friday, June 24, 2016

More about Bill, Part Two

     It was interesting for me to run into Adrie Galanodel one day while we were walking around Thyne. She is a cousin to my mentor Soveliss Galanodel and is also a member of the priests of Corellon here in Thyne. I have started to spend time reading with her in an effort to continue my training in charismatic arts and approaches. Soveliss had thought that one day I might better understand what it meant to be persuasive or diplomatic. He chuckled lightly when I would ask questions about being deceptive or intimidating. He said to try but it’s not in my heart or character. Adrie is the Underpriestess here in Thyne second only to the High Priestess Glessil Wilwarin. We make efforts to spend an hour a day as I try to learn this. Heavens knows how long this endeavor will take but I am glad to have picked this training back up.

     It saddens me that I see some of the young elves here still leery of humans. It seems the Meliamne family would prefer to stay away from humans as much as possible. Which led me to wonder, why would they choose to live and serve Corellon in a city so full of humans? Adrie says they are fine and though they keep to themselves they are not harmful.

     I have also experienced the blessing of growth bestowed upon on me by Corellon twice now and it’s an amazing thing to experience. My holy symbol that I wear around my neck will begin a slight glow. I know that it means I am to go alone quietly and pray for a period of time. As I sit and pray, the symbol grows brighter until it pierces my soul with power. It then slowly fades back to once it was and I feel strengthened in many different ways. I look to my book of prayers and more has been revealed.

     Walter Langston the armourer has taken a liking to me as well. He’s a funny sort of guy that stays mostly in Hightown.  He seems to have had a bad experience in the past around the docks. At some point, I may ask more of him but for now I am enjoying his stories and game playing.

I can’t help but to feel that Thyne is perhaps where Corellon was sending me, we shall see…


  1. Nicely done Mike! Good to know there are a few elves kicking around Thyne! :D