Monday, June 13, 2016

Back story of Bill Hayek

Bill Hayek, Human Healing Cleric

I grew up on a farm south of Haelden near some mountains.

My father was a simple caring man that lived off the land. He taught me how to hunt & fish & gather herbs. My mother was an acolyte in the local church. She helped the priest primarily through her compassion & care of sick or hurting people...

When I was 12 our village was attacked by some inhumanly large & grotesque humanoids that later I learned to be Ogres. We were a peaceful village with only a few weapons mostly pitchforks. They fought as hard as they could but the ogres were overwhelming & starving to boot. They wanted the taste of man flesh badly & fought hard to get it. My mother took me behind the church and shoved me in a large chest that held small work tools. I remember hearing a loud noise & I couldn't push the lid open. She had shoved over a rack that was next to the chest & it pinned me in there.

A couple days later some elves came through our village. They found one other survivor but she died shortly after the elvish scout party arrived. Soveliss Galanodel was an elvish cleric that traveled with them. It was he that found me. He told me that "Correlon" had spoken to him about a human they would find their... He took me in as his own, though some of the others weren't as warm. I learned some amazing things from them. How to appreciate music, the beauty in this world & how valuable life can be. These elves lived in the forest on the northeast side of the Thrineveld Mountains and were warriors & devout followers of Corellon. Soveliss spoke with the high priest and I was allowed to train & learn with them

A few years ago I began to feel urges to venture south. I wasn't 100% sure what it was about & I kept it to myself. One day Soreliss & the High Priest "Nor Tuilinn" came to my chambers. I was taken aback by this kind of visit but they reassured me I had done nothing wrong. They asked if Corellon had been speaking to me about anything. It was then that I realized where those urges were coming from. I was being sent on a mission, a mission from god. So I packed up my stuff with their blessing & proceeded south not quite knowing exactly where I was headed. I would stop in small towns and do menial jobs but mostly I kept to myself. I was venturing south but was also wandering a bit to the east towards the desolation. I spent many nights just roaming and wandering the grasslands to the northeast of Mt Stenev.

I was drawn west to the town of Thyne & I wondered if it was there that my destiny would finally be revealed…


  1. Fantastic! This is great getting some backgrounds.

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