Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The extensively depressing tale of "Morgan"

 Morgan                                            PART. 1

When Morgan was a young child, not much older than 7 months, He and his mother wandered into a forest to eat lunch.  A picnic his mother said, after lunch my memory gets I little fuzzy, but the last thing Morgan remembered, he had been looking up at the heavens, it was dark then. As difficult as it was for a child of his age he sat up to scan his surroundings, dark pines, salal brush and ferns covered the boarders of the clearing he sat. For hours he sat in confusion,

For his mother was nowhere in sight, he stayed there for a while. His eyes began to draw heavy, right before he could close his eyes to sleep, for from the brush behind him there came a ripple of noise, the snap of twigs, and leafs made the small child stir, suddenly from a bush, there jaunted a hog, and then another, the first hog looked at right at Morgan, for what felt like hours they observed each other’s eyes, the swine moved closer to the child keeping eye contact, it sniffed the boys hair, the child mimicking the gesture, sniffed back, then the hog leaned down and grabbed the boy with his snout by the cloth of his shirt, the child giggled with joy. Then the swine jaunted along back into the brush with the baby hanging from its mouth.
When he awoke, sounds echoed from the darkness that surrounded him, the sound of hooves clacking on stone, huffs and snorts shook the cold ground below. Morgan crawled along in complete black for an hour. At last when small Morgan submerged from what felt like an eternity of darkness, he saw the earth white and cold, early winter had just begun, sheets of frost and ice covered this beautiful land, the trees coated in white. He began his way towards the mouth of the cave, his breaths turning to a frosted vapor that whirled before his eyes. The snow below him sunk beneath his knees. Morgan looked up, to his surprise the boars from the forest had come back from a hunt, in one’s mouth the throat of a mule hung lifeless and cold, its eyes fogged with death, beneath the mule a hot sheen of red tarnished the white below.   

The boar from the night before stopped before Morgan, only to return to the others in the cave.

Morgan took one last look at the world before returning as well into the dark, there a litter of hogs lay amongst themselves, all huddled to their mother. Morgan started to shake from the cold, he felt a breath shoot down his back, he turned and saw the hog again, it picked up Morgan and dropped him amongst the litter, he felt the warmth surrounding him, and Morgan felt at home.

Years past…

Morgan, during his time with the boars, learned to hunt and care for the pack. While he hunted in the forest of Dentev, he found himself lost, he took shelter at the base of a tree, in the morning he continued to travel, soon he found… Thyne…                      

   (to be continued...)



  1. Right on dude, you did a great job :)

  2. Great! Well done Grayson! It also explains the odor Morgan exudes...
    None of us wanted to say anything but...