Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Rude Introduction

Our four heroes, Rickroll the Vanirman, Morgan the dwarf, Bill the human cleric, and Desmond the pale-faced sorcerer found themselves the victims of an attempted shanghai at the hands of a group of unknown thugs. After breaking themselves out of their jail cell, they fought their way free, killing two guards and finding two caches of illegal contraband. They stole a boat and made their way to a more hospitable area in the city of Thyne.

The next day after doing a bit of exploring, they came upon a town crier called Jonath Applebottom, who, after a bit of wrangling, told them all of the local gossip:

  • Sir Ganstan, Knight of the Triskelion, is in town recruiting.
  • A farm near Trin was overrun by ghouls. 
  • Travelers along the Great Western Road are more frequently being taken by blood slavers. 
  • The King of Panteau has made an historic visit to capital of Vanirlands in his airship. 
  • The Princess Yvette has turned down yet another suitor. This one from Shadenthel. 
  • Pirates have taken a Thynish merchantman off the coast of Rethel. Captain Stalis is scouring the coast. Offering a bounty of 100g per ship sunk.
  • A major godstone expedition has recently passed headed to Sovhi. 100  mercenary guards. Believed to be from Haelden. 
  • The king has become taken with the blacksmith's daughter. This time it's not just a bit of diddling--apparently he's in love. Tension with the churches of Pelor and Ceres. The clerics of Pelor say he can't marry a commoner. The clerics of Ceres say it's natural and simply love. The wealthier merchants and nobility are in an uproar. 
  • The cleric of Boccob, the god of magic, was beaten up by unknown assailants and told to leave. Meanwhile the Vheeprans continue to preach against magic and are gaining more followers amongst the artisans. 
  • Goblin raids continue along the border of the Halthus. The king keeps most forces patrolling the north, to keep out the undead and slavers. The goblins pose new problems to the west. There has even been talk of hobgoblin captains. Starting to look far more organized. 

  • More reports of explorers hitting the ruin of Kandrov. Some talk of vast treasures still uncovered. Others say Drow secretly rule the city from its bowels. 

  • A dragon has been seen at the volcano my stenev. It may have even made its home inside the caldera. New Temia has taken precautions and has been installing magically enhanced ballista through out the towers of the city. 
  • The famous bard anders tesscobble is playing at ringo jaks. 
  • Jim Campbell claims there's some kind of water devil in his pond. Offering a 10g bounty. 
  • Milbar having something going through their Apple stores. Unknown what.

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